A California man buried his son, but 11 days later, a phone call changed everything Click 2 Houston screen shot

Having to bury one of your children would be one of the most horrifying experiences a parent could go through. But imagine thinking you buried your child, only to have him show up years later. A California man now has first-hand experience with this and the details are shocking.

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According to Click 2 Houston, Frank J. Kerrigan, 82, held a funeral for whom he thought was his homeless mentally ill 57-year-old son, Frank M. Police called the family and said the found Frank M. dead behind a Verizon store. The Orange County register said the family spent $20,000 on a funeral at which about 50 people attended and Frank M’s brother gave the eulogy.

Police said they identified Frank M. through fingerprints, but Click 2 reported the identification was actually carried out by looking at  an older driver’s license photo.

Before the funeral the family identified the body, but said it was difficult to recognize. The mistake went unnoticed until the believed to be deceased man showed up at the home of a family friend 11 days after the funeral. The friend called a stunned Frank J. to let him know who showed up.

?When somebody tells me my son is dead, when they have fingerprints, I believe them,? Frank J. told the Register.

Kerrigam is seeking damages upwards of $2 million after discovering his son is indeed alive.

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