A man struggling with constipation came up with probably one of the worst ways of dealing with it YouTube Screenshot

If dealt with properly, constipation usually isn’t the most trying problem in the world. Upping your fiber intake, eating prunes or even drinking more water can often effectively ease the back-up. But one man from Guangzhou, China, decided to severely complicate his bout of constipation by trying his own strange remedy.

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According to Sora News, a one Mr. Liu opted to put a 20-inch eel into his butt in hopes that it would eat away the blockage. Instead, it made its way into his intestines and caused him to get ill.

Eventually, Liu sought out medical attention, but neglected to inform them of the eel he’d placed into his body. Once discovered, doctors discovered that the eel was no longer alive.

Maybe next time he’ll consider adding more fiber to his diet and opt for less eels. Just a thought.

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