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The world is separated into two different types of people: those who love the Kardashians and those who despise them. It appears that John Jetsyn Tache, the author of the novel Killing Kardashian, which depicts the brutal murder of the entire Kardashian family, likely falls in the latter camp.

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It turns out the novel has already made such an impact that Hollywood movie executives are in a bidding war to make it into a movie, according to The Daily Star.

Just from the little bit we know about the novel from The Daily Star, we’re already intrigued:

The novel opens with Kim hanging from chains in a desert bunker while her husband, Kanye West, is tied to a chair. The murderer, who wears a Taylor Swift mask, cuts off Kanye’s fingers and toes with garden shears before firing a blow torch over the bloodied wounds. Other grisly deaths include Kourtney Kardashian being gunned down by police, Khloe stabbed with a pen, and Caitlyn Jenner butchered with a meat cleaver.

For more than 20 years, Tache has been writing scripts, and he claims he wrote this one as revenge for the Kardashian clan ruining television.

“The Kardashians are killing the dramas, so they need to be killed,” said Tache, who also added that the book should be taken as complete satire, for all those sensitive people out there getting their panties in a bunch.

The novel is currently available as an Ebook, but if the bidding war goes as planned, be on the lookout for the big screen version.