A South Korean entrepreneur says he’s concocted the hangover cure, but we’re calling BS Barstool Sports Screenshot

For as long as people have been drinking, they’ve also been trying to come up with cures for the dreaded hangovers that come with the territory.


A South Korean entrepreneur says he has the fix for the booze flu, and people are eager to give it a try. Sisun Lee has concocted a tonic called Morning Recovery, and it’s a remedy combining traditional South Korean remedies. According to Mashable, the drink is comprised of Dihydromyricetin, which is a chemical extracted from a fruit called heotgae of the Hovenia dulcis tree or Japanese raisin tree. It contains milk thistle, which is said to be beneficial for the liver, as well as vitamin B complex, prickly pear extract and taurine.

Sounds like some promising combination of ingredients and the tonic has gotten pretty decent reviews from both South Korean and American test subjects, but the whole thing just sounds like a way for Lee, a former Tesla and Uber product manager, to rake in some serious cash. The hangover remedy drink game is an $120 million industry in South Korea, after all.


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There’s just plenty of reasons to be skeptical, because it’s pretty much impossible to hear “hangover cure” without thinking total and complete racket. Bottom line? If you don’t want to be hungover after a big night of drinking, just stay hydrated. We guarantee that a couple bottles of water will be a lot cheaper than whatever this Morning Recovery stuff will likely go for.

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