A steamy sex session ended in a painful visit to the hospital for one British woman Giphy Screenshot

Let’s face it, there’s some people out there who shove things where the sun don’t shine in the name of sexual gratification. Often times, these shenanigans go off without a hitch, but occasionally, disaster occurs and medical attention is needed. That’s exactly what happened to a woman from Sussex, England after a stainless steel butt plug ended up a little further inside her than originally planned.

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Emily Georgia thought she was in for a night of adult fun, but ended up having a night she’ll not soon forget when, according to Daily Mail, the 20-year-old had a four-inch sex toy lodged too far inside of her during a one-night stand. The guy she was hooking up with suggested she leave it be and allow it to naturally work its way out, and, to top it off, the dude told her he had to leave because he had to work early the next morning.

Georgia was fortunate enough to have a concerned friend take her to the hospital. Upon arrival, the staff warned her of the impeding danger of the toy possibly perforating her bowel.

She underwent an hour-long operation and, after coming to, she was relieved to discover they’d gotten it out of her.

“When I first woke up I wanted to go back to sleep as I didn’t want to look down at my tummy in case they had to cut me open to get to it,” she said. “As they didn’t have to go through my stomach I’m guessing they managed to get it out the other way.”

Fortunately, they were able to get it out the same way it went in, and she suffered no serious harm in the ordeal. This should probably serve as a lesson that if she decides to have another one-night stand in the near future, she should either take things a little bit slower or at least be sure to find someone who’s sympathetic to sex toy snafus.

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