A Texas judge accused of sexting a bailiff and doing drugs admits it all — her lover took it even further Harris County Justice of the Peace Court
Harris County Justice of the Peace Court

Texas authorities are moving to suspend a judge from Harris County after she admitted to doing drugs, sexting a bailiff and more.

Justice of the Peace in Harris County’s 7th Precinct, Judge Hilary Green, has a glowing professional bio online that reads a lot differently after you hear the things she’s admitted to doing while in that position of power.

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Here’s what her Harris County bio says:

Judge Hilary H. Green was sworn in as presiding judge of Harris County Justice of the Peace Court (Precinct 7, Place 1) on June 20, 2007. In March of 2008, Judge Green secured her position as presiding judge in a contested primary election.

In November of 2012, Judge Green once again successfully secured her position in an uncontested election.

Judge Green brings to the bench a wealth of knowledge in civil and criminal matters. She has worked as a trial attorney for major corporations, as well as represented individuals in matters ranging from complex litigation to small claims. Prior to assuming the bench, Judge Green served as managing partner of The Green Firm, LLP.

Judge Green has a nine year old son and takes pride in volunteering at her son?s school and with his football team.

She brings a “wealth of knowledge in civil and criminal matters” to the bench, eh?

You mean like: soliciting prostitutes, doing drugs and sexting your bailiff while sentencing people to jail for doing the same stuff or less?

Don’t take our word for it, take hers.

According to the Houston Chronicle, four separate judicial misconduct complaints have been made against Green.


These complaints were made between 2012 and 2016. Now some of her responses to these complaints have come out, as the State Commission on Judicial Conduct filed a 316-page document at the state’s supreme court to get Green removed from the bench for good.

In the report, Green admits to doing prescription drugs, marijuana and ecstasy, admits to having an affair with Claude Barnes, admits that she sexted a bailiff who is still assigned to her court and admits to buying cough medicine off of said bailiff.


Her ex-husband, Ronald Green, in divorce papers from 2015 said the judge was a prescription drug addict who had sex with both “litigants and witnesses.”

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And, get this, her lover, Barnes, went so far as to say that they solicited prostitutes for threesomes.

One time a woman was hired through, while a second solicitation happened while Green stayed at a hotel for a judicial conference in Austin, Barnes said.

Just, wow.

Green has vowed to defend herself when she appears before commission officials.

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