A Tinder hook-up turned into a nightmare scenario straight out of a horror movie for one sorry dude Tinder Screenshot

Here is a perfect example of a Tinder nightmare, where what was supposed to be a nice, simple one-time situation turned into a complete catastrophe.

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Reddit user MouthyMerc took to a Reddit thread to post a desperate cry for help, informing readers that his Tinder hookup had been at his house for two days with no signs of leaving in sight. Just to give you an idea of the hell he dealt with, we’ve included an excerpt of his post:

(8:31pm) Initial post.(8:54pm) OP considers girl might be homeless and notes that Tinder Chick’s car has out-of-state license plates.(11:54pm) OP updates, says he’s waking her up in 20 minutes and might call the police.(12:15am) OP recounts earlier conversation with Tinder Chick where she took advantage of OP’s dislike of confrontation.(12:31am) OP updates, says he’s waiting for local police to arrive. Notes that her license plates are expired.(1:41am) OP updates, says girl is now in police custody for outstanding warrants. They searched her and found OP’s stolen watch, mail, and other things, which he didn’t know were missing.(2:42am) OP posts Tinder screen shot, claims he’s going to take a shower and post a further update. No update arrived, which leads me to believe Tinder Chick escaped from police custody, killed OP, and is now wearing his skin.

This should serve as a reminder that when you’re dealing with strangers on Tinder, you’re running the risk of entering into a situation similar to this.

Although, to be fair, the girl’s Tinder profile probably should’ve tipped him off.

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