A TV reporter got a little handsy when trying to move a woman out of the way, and the internet definitely had something to say about it YouTube Screenshot

To think live television news broadcasts go off without a hitch is a nice sentiment, but the reality is, it just doesn’t happen that way. Bloopers, blunders and interruptions are just part of the game. But some are much worse than others, as this BBC reporter is beginning to learn.

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While conducting a live interview, BBC corespondent Ben Brown went to push a woman out of the view of the camera, but what he came up with was a hand full of the woman’s boob.

As they do with most incidents of this nature, folks on social media had a lot to say about it.

There were also people that were quick to support Brown in his efforts to remove a distraction from his live broadcast.

Whether the boob grab was intentional or not, Brown should probably be on his best behavior going forward.

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