A woman did the unthinkable when she believed her husband was cheating on her Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

A Filipino woman suspected that her husband was cheating, but rather than confront him about it, she decided to cut off his penis.

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According to Men’s Health, Liezel Betitta, 32, thought her husband Mark was cheating on her with a friend’s wife. On the day in question, he passed out after an afternoon of drinking with the boys. That’s when Liezel literally took matters into her own hands, as she grabbed his penis and cut it, two inches from the base. She immediately fled after the incident, but was later apprehended and arrested.

Mark was discovered by his friends and taken several miles to the nearest hospital. The medical center staff was unable to reattach his severed member, due to the major nerve being damaged in this tragic event.

The current state of the case is unknown, but the husband plans on pressing charges.

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