An elderly man in Malaysia got stuck in a chair, but not in the way you might think Free Malaysia Today Screenshot

When you hear about an old guy getting stuck in a chair, odds are you think about a guy that can’t physically get up from a chair. But getting stuck in a chair has taken on a new meaning thanks to this fella over in Sungai Siput, Malaysia.

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According to Free Malaysia Today, an elderly man got his penis stuck in a plastic lawn chair. A spokesman from the Sungai Siput Fire and Rescue Department said they were notified after numerous failed attempts to free the man.

“We had to use special equipment to cut the chair and free the victim’s private parts,” the spokesman said.

It was reported that the victim did not sustain any injuries, but it is unknown how the man got stuck in the chair to begin with.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this dude was up to. But why in the hell couldn’t he find something better than a plastic lawn chair?

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