As one Chinese man eventually learned, it’s not healthy to stick sewing needles into your penis Creative Commons

Sadomasochism or outright madness. These are the only two earthly explanations for what drove a 35-year-old Chinese man to stick sewing needles into his penis for nearly a year without incident.

But the horrifying practice finally caught up to the unnamed man on June 20. He was admitted to the Shenyang Military Region General Hospital when, after sticking 15 needles into his member, he began experiencing intense pain and blood in his urine, The HauShuang Morning Post reported.

Doctors said the man claimed it was the first time since he began partaking in the bizarre ritual that he’d experienced any discomfort from it. After performing x-rays and discovering that the needles were stuck in the narrowest part of his urethra, doctors spent 90 minutes removing the two to four-inch long needles. Incredibly, the man is expected to make a full recovery with no lasting effects.

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Doctors claim they’ve come across similar cases of men who have inserted pen refills and thermometers into their penises.

“There are scholars explaining this scenario as one of the peculiar sex similar to Sadomasochism and foot fetishes,” said urologist Dr. Cao Zhiqiang, who operated on the man. “Patients are looking for excitement through unusual ways.”

Dr. Cao added that there are now “special sex toys” for the unusual fetish.

“These specially made tools are not only more hygienic, they are also safer to insert and most importantly can be removed,” he said.

Well, if you’re into pain it’s hard to top that.

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