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An internal investigation is underway at Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida after accusations were made that a male deputy called a female deputy “Captain Boobs” in the workplace.

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Deputy Christopher Patricella was suspended for three days without pay and faces 6 months on disciplinary probation for apparently saying “Hey, Captain Boobs” to a female colleague in front of a trainee.

Fox 4 reports that she responded by saying “Excuse me?” and the Patricella answered “You know what I’m talking about.”

The woman says he was referring to the captain, who she is dating, and that Patricella asked “why a Deputy, Sergeant, or Lieutenant, are not good enough to date, and why she jumped straight to the rank of Captain.”

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Although Patricella admitted that he said “Captain Boobs,” he said he didn’t mean it like that. He said he didn’t say it the way the female deputy claimed.

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