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Back in the day, if someone wanted to send a provocative photo, they had to do it the old fashioned way. You either took the pics, had them developed and possibly risked them getting scrutinized by the people at the moto-photo, or you used a Polaroid to get more instant and private results. But now through the likes of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, it’s much easier to send these with the quick press of a button. Not to mention they can be sent through simple text message.

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Now, that instant ability to send off a pic without even a second thought almost ended up in disaster for one dude after he snapped a pic of his package to his sister instead of his girlfriend, both of whom coincidentally have the same name.

My sister and my girlfriend have the same name...

Fortunately, for the sake of both him and his sister, there was no harm done. But that didn’t stop Reddit users from leaving some very valid comments. One named Meatslinger had this to say:

“Let this be a reminder to you all that every major phone brand lets you put in a person’s last name as well as their first when editing a contact.”

An excellent point, which was also followed up by another user, theafonis, with yet another great tipp:

“You can also edit names on snapchat.”

But probably the best response of all was this short and sweet one from StinkyDogFarts:

““Nobody needs to see pictures of your dick, Chase.”

Well said, StinkyDogFarts. Well said.

(h/t Bro Bible)

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