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The thing about this current wave of hate ripping through social media and the internet is people seem to forget that their posts never go away.

Your attitudes and beliefs may change over time, but the asinine tweets and the like live on forever — either in cyberspace or through a screen shot someone saved to screw you at a later date.

That’s exactly the quandary that 22-year-old Filipino modelย Lily Macapinlac is dealing with right now. She made some unsavory remarks about Asian men way back in 2013, and they’ve just come back to haunt her.

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That’s another thing about the internet. There’s always somebody out there that can’t wait to take you down, and with Lily’s robust Instagram following of 3 million, it was bound to happen at some point. Her remarks naturally set off a backlash on Twitter and she was also accused of being a white worshipper, which is kind of backed up by her rant.

Some things, like this, just can’t be spun. But she gave it a shot anyway, and it’s doubtful she did anything but make herself look worse.

Asian food? Really? She is a looker, though. You have to give her that.

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