Firefighters had to bring out the heavy equipment after a man got himself trapped in a penis ring for a couple days Evening Standard screen shot

Nothing about getting stuck on a penis ring sounds like the least bit fun. But it does make for a pretty hilarious story.

According to Evening Standard, a crew of firefighters were called to King George Hospital in London, England, on 2 a.m. Thursday to remove a penis ring from a man who spent a couple days trying to remove it himself.

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One of the fireman told the Standard they had to use a hydraulic pedal cutter, which is more commonly used to cut people out of automobile crashes, to slice through the metal ring.

According to the fireman, the man tried to put more than just his penis into the ring:

“To put it in layman?s terms, he tried to put his veg (testicles) in the ring as well but it stopped the circulation and became stuck.”

“It had been like that for a couple of days. I think it must have got to the point where he knew he needed to do something about it.”

“It was swollen and a funny color.”

Apparently the man had tried to free himself, but was reluctant to seek help, probably due to embarrassment. After a short struggle, the firemen were able to free the man’s penis safely.

Here’s a fun fact for you: in 2015-2016, there were nine reported cases of men getting their dongs stuck in penis rings. It’d be nice for mankind in general for that number to get down to zero, but different strokes for different folks, we guess.

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