Florida man sits on his gun, shoots himself in a tender spot, and could end up in jail AP Photo/LM Otero

Cedrick Jelks is an unlucky man.

The 38-year-old Florida man sat down in his Nissan Altima, and sat on his gun, according to WALB-TV.

The gun went off, and Jelks ran back into his house, into the bathroom, and that’s when Shaneika Roberts, 25, saw that he had accidentally been shot between his legs.  Of all the places to be shot, the penis is not that most optimal spot.

Roberts told Jacksonville police that she took Jelks to the hospital, where he was rushed into surgery.

But that’s not all.

News4Jax-TV  reported that Jelks is a convicted of cocaine possession in 2004, and since he’s a felon, he could face charges of  possessing a firearm.

That’s ouch, twice.

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