Former sex worker who says she slept with over 10,000 men now councils women on how to understand men Supplied Screenshot

Who better to teach women how to understand men than one who claims to have slept with over 10,000 of them?

Gwyneth Montenegro, a 39-year-old former prostitute, who claims to have slept with that many men in her 12-year career in the sex industry, is now trained in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). And she uses the personal growth and psychotherapy program, made popular by motivational guru Tony Robbins, to teach women how to understand men and get as much as they can out of their relationships.

But she’s the first to come clean about a past that many women spend their entire lives trying to outrun.

“I never wanted to get into the sex industry in the first place,” Montenegro admits. “I was 18, I went out to a nightclub and my drink was spiked and I got taken away and gang-raped by 6-8 men — I can’t remember exactly how many because I was so out of it. It kind of changed my opinion about myself. I felt I wasn’t worthy anymore, that I wasn’t good enough. I came from a Christian family and I was saving myself for marriage and then I got raped. So I went the other way … I was very promiscuous. I ended up in the table top dancing industry when I was 19.”

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Montenegro also concedes that she went from stripping to turning tricks after crossing the point of no return and taking money for sex.

“It was totally surreal,” she continued. “Once you’ve been paid for sex once, you can’t take that back. I just found I was able to compartmentalize and switch my feelings off, because I already felt dirty.”

You can peruse the entire interview, in which Montenegro delves into the particulars about money and the sexual preferences of some of her clients, here. And it’s one incredibly fascinating read.

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