In maybe the most frivolous lawsuit ever filed, man sues woman for texting too much during their movie date Getty Images

Ridiculous lawsuits have become commonplace in the U.S., and here’s one of your more frivolous ones.

Brandon Vezmar, a 37-year-old resident of Austin, Texas, has decided to sue a woman he recently took on a movie date to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 because she texted too much during the film.

Vezmar said he filed a claim in small claims court for $17.31 (the price of a ticket to a 3D showing of the movie) because the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, read and sent text messages at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes.

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When Vezmar asked her to step outside of the theater to do her texting, she reportedly walked out and left him there without a ride.

The two later had a heated text message exchange about the incident, in which she summed up the situation perfectly.

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