It took 17 hours for doctors to remove a wrench that was stuck in one of the worst places imaginable Daily Mail Screenshot

We’re not going to try and sugarcoat this one single bit. If you’ve ever got your junk caught in your zipper, then you know it can be about as painful as things get. But imagine getting your penis stuck in a wrench. Well, one Chinese man somehow did exactly that, and fortunately, his dong lived to fight another day.

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According to Daily Mail, a Chinese man had his penis freed from a small wrench, after he had gotten it stuck for nearly an entire day. The unnamed 37-year-old man went to the hospital after his trapped penis became swollen and turned purple.

After failed attempts by both doctors and firefighters (at one point firefighters thought about using an angle grinder), dental professionals was brought in with the hope that they could free the man from his painful situation. Using a dental drill, the two dentists were able to rescue the man from the wrench after a 30-minute operation.

It is unclear as to why the man got his junk caught in the wrench in the first place, but they did say he is single. So if you can use your imagination, it doesn’t take much speculation to figure out what he was up to.

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