That UFC fighter who pooped her pants mid-fight just got a huge offer from one seriously disgusting fan Instagram Screenshot

In the world of MMA, crazy things can happen in the cage. So when Russian-American fighter Justine Kish pooped herself while trying to escape a chokehold, we were able to say we’ve literally seen someone get the crap beat out of them.

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At UFC Fight Night in Oklahoma City, Kish was trying to pry her way free of a chokehold by Felice Herrig, when she soiled her shorts.

According to MMA Junkie, she didn’t even realize it had happened until she smelled something nasty

“You?d think I would feel it or something,” Kish said. “But no, I was too busy getting the shit choked out of me.”

While obviously embarrassing as hell, she tweeted after the fight to make light of the situation.

As crazy as the incident itself was, the aftermath was way more bizarre. Apparently someone has offered Kish $15,000 for the shorts from the fight. She told Bloody Elbow that a man contacted her asking to buy them so he could hang them in his man cave.

The most lucrative offer I?ve got is someone messaged me and said, ?hey, I would like to buy your shorts to hang them up and blah blah blah, in my man cave.’ I was like, ‘this is disgusting ? there are some really disgusting people out there.’ They offered me $15,000 for my shorts. He gave me his name, his email address, all these things. I really don?t want to give too much details, but that was the most lucrative offer and I?m not gonna? I mean, why? People are saying, ?send them over, just go do it,? I?m like, ?oh, alright, well I?ll give him my information, but I don?t see how this is actually real.'”


Real or not, she’s right about one thing: there most definitely are some real messed up people in the world.

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