After her boyfriend dumped her, this single mom lost 112 pounds, and look at her now @siobhant94/Instagram

Siobhan Thornton weighed in at around 245 pounds after giving birth to her daughter, which ultimately led to her breaking up with her boyfriend and, consequently, a bout of depression.

So the overweight 23-year-old did what much of the world strives to do at some point in their lives: lose weight. And she lost a stunning 112 pounds on a diet of green tea.

She now weighs a shocking 125 pounds and in stark contrast to where she found herself after being dumped just a short time ago, she’s essentially having to fight dating requests off with a stick. And some are from the same dudes that rejected her on Tinder before the weight loss.

“I used to avoid looking at myself,” she told The Mirror. “Now my confidence is through the roof and I’ve halved my BMI (Body Mass Index). I am certain that I lost the first three stone through drinking green tea alone.”

Indeed, weight loss studies back her assertion about its effectiveness, confirming that green tea helps fat oxidation and improves exercise performance. One study contends that drinking it is equivalent to burning off an extra 65 to 200 calories per day.

And about that boyfriend, Thorton makes absolutely no mention of him. Apparently, she’s far too busy dealing with her newfound hotness.

“I’ve had people chase me down on the motorway twice trying to give me their numbers,” she said. “I’m still processing getting this sort of attention.”

Here’s some before and after pics:

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