The mom of a Texas State University freshman went viral for making a few new friends at her daughter’s orientation Twitter Screenshot

With summer in full swing, new college students are attending orientations across the nation. More often than not, the parents accompany them, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes the parents drop the kids off then do their own thing. Thanks to social media, we know how at least one parent spent their time.

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Avery Leilani was attending her orientation at Texas State University, where she was dropped off by her mom. But rather than take in a meal or go shopping, her mom decided to venture around campus. While on her journey, she managed to bump into a few members of the school’s football team. And what better way to document her newfound friendships than with some pictures?

Apparently, Avery’s mom is a hit nationwide, with news outlets from coast to coast featuring the story. But what would a story about college football players be without a feature on ESPN? Yeah, they’re playing it too.

With a few more months of summer still ahead, maybe everyone will forget about Avery’s mom and allow her a moment to shine. From the pics we’ve seen on Instagram, we think she’ll do just fine.

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