The old school Nokia 3310 never went out of style in India, but you’d be surprised by what it’s used for now Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

A blast from the past is being reintroduced to the world, but apparently it never lost popularity with women in India. The Nokia 3310 has been revamped and tweaked for today’s tech needs, but the older version has been implicated as the sex toy of choice for many Indian women.

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According to India Today, a website called Agents of Ishq surveyed 100 Indian women to learn about their sexual behaviors and practices, but one thing that kept surprisingly coming up when asked about masturbation was the Nokia 3310.

While there is no scientific information that can explain why the 3310 is used for self-pleasure, one can only guess that it’s due to the extreme vibrating ability of the classic gadget. When these phones were popular the first time around back in the early 2000’s, people used to joke that the Nokia would make for a great sex toy because of the intense vibrating ringer. Well, looks like it’s not a joke in India.

If this catches on in other parts of the world, God only knows what kind of sexual revolution we’ll have on our hands.

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