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As a factory worker in southeast China found out last week, it’s maybe not such a good idea to take medical matters into your own hands. Especially if it involves shoving an eel up your butt.

49-year-old Mr. Liu was rushed to the hospital last week after complaining of stomach pains. It turns out he was having complications from constipation, but rather than stay at the hospital and receive treatment, he decided to go home and shove a foot-and-a-half long swamp eel up his butt in an attempt to get the juices flowing. Needless to say, doctors were more than surprised to find the creature located within the man’s intestines.

We’re not sure how they do things over in China, but we’d choose an enema over an eel any day of the week

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After examining Liu’s stomach, doctors removed not only an eel, but also feces and food residue. Hopefully, he’s a little wiser next time he gets backed up and decides to go a different route. Because wow, talk about a real pain in the butt.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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