This 30-year-old mom has a sugar daddy that spoils her, but she’s not only using the money for herself Daily Mail Screenshot

We don’t see anything wrong with hot younger women scoring themselves a sugar daddy, especially when the money gets put to good use. That appears to be the case with Samantha, a 30-year-old customer service representative from California.

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According to Daily Mail, Samantha is a member of the controversial dating Seeking Arrangement. It’s a site that pairs attractive young women with rich, older men. Both parties know what they’re getting themselves into, it’s a win, win.

Living the life: Samantha, a 30-year-old customer service representative and mother from California, is a member of SeekingArrangement, a controversial dating site

What sets Samantha apart from lots of other hot women who are spoiled by sugar daddies is that she in return spoils her own child with the funds she receives. One thing she was quick to clear up is that not all sugar daddies want or expect sex in return for cash and lavish gifts.

She obviously spoils herself, but she lets it trickle down to her son. Whether it’s toy store shopping sprees or renting out Universal Studios in Hollywood for him and his friends, she makes sure her little guy gets in on the good stuff.

After gearing about all of these handouts, we’re starting to wonder if she’s looking to adopt any adult children. If so, where do we sign up?

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