This sex cam site wants to livestream your life and pay you for it

Internet company CamSoda has thought up a rather brilliant way to market its new streaming service, Lifestream.

Stream your life live 24/7, and they’ll not only pay you $200 a month, they’ll pay your monthly internet bill. And they’ll also outfit your home with some high definition webcams.

You might expect a platform like CamSoda, an adult entertainment site known for its network of cam girls as well as a vast array of hardcore X-rated offerings, to require much saucier content than you might find on Facebook and Twitter live streams.

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But CamSoda VP Darren Press says that’s hardly the case.

“…Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have all capitalized on this burgeoning trend, rolling out livestreaming services of their own, and we’re excited to do the same—with a twist,” he says. ““Unlike these social media networks, where users choose the moments they want to broadcast and share, our offering broadcasts everything—from surfing the Internet to eating lunch. It’s a true depiction of someone’s entire life—and doesn’t require any nudity or sex—and we’re confident people will want to share and watch it.”

That may be so, but the average person putting their streams up alongside LucyBoobs’ or BigBootyBarb’s streams could be a tough sell.

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