This steamy wedding advice a couple got on their anniversary is a certified marriage saver Creative Commons

If you’re looking to keep things fresh in a relationship, you often need to take the advice of others.

According to Men’s Health, one couple on Reddit have a bottle full of pieces of paper with marriage advice from many of their wedding guests. Each year, the couple opens a new submission in hopes that it will remind them of how special their love for each other is. This year’s submission was not only hilarious, but it was some of the best advice we’ve ever seen.

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It was short, sweet and directly to the point. It read, “Never stop giving head to each other.” Now those are words to live by and, if they do just that, we don’t see how they can’t tackle any obstacles life throws at them. Last year’s submission was, “Don’t go to bed angry.” If they follow this year’s advice, last year’s should be a slam dunk.

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