Tinder girl compares herself to a mosquito with one doozy of a sex joke Reddit Screenshot

Not surprisingly, Tinder is mostly full of people looking for random sexual encounters, but every once and a while, you get someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is just in it for the laughs.

Enter 21-year-old Hannah, who has a penchant for standing on toilets and using hilariously raunchy sex jokes in her bio.

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tinder girl

We’re ones to spend any time on Tinder, but fortunately one user was kind enough to upload a screenshot of the aforementioned Hannah to Reddit, to which he aptly commented, “I think I just found the one.”

Considering that inducing itchiness is another trait of the mosquito, let’s hope for everyone’s sake that the sucking part is the only mosquito-like quality Hannah has.

(h/t Crave)

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