Tragedy struck after a whipped cream canister exploded and hit this French fitness model in the chest Instagram Screenshot

A freak accident claimed the life of French fitness model and fashion blogger Rebecca Burger when a whipped cream canister exploded and struck her in the chest.

The impact of the canister, which was taken off the market in 2013, caused Burger to have a heart attack, USA Today reported. French authorities are now investigating the possibility that a faulty siphon on the high pressure canister may have caused the malfunction.

Ard’time, the company that manufactures the product, said in a statement that it had not been sold since an incident in February 2013 in which a bad siphon was implicated. The canisters were subsequently removed from shelves and destroyed as well as other steps being taken to warn consumers of the danger.

“Unfortunately, there are still lots of siphons of all brands that remain potentially dangerous as time passes,” the statement said.

At least sixty accidents involving this particular canister have been reported since 2010, but this is reportedly the first time that a death has occurred.

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