Twitter user details date with old guy, and the whole thing ends with a shockingly indecent proposal Getty Images

There’s coy, there’s directness and then there’s what this old timer did. And boy, was it not pretty.

Twitter user @priya_ebooks was corresponding with a man from dating site OkCupid that, based on his pics on the site, she guessed was anywhere from 70 t0 90 years old. Given that her profile picture puts her in the 25-32 age range, that would normally be enough of a kicker to hinge the story on. But there’s more.

After agreeing to meet up with the guy for a date, she tweeted out to this lighthearted quip to her followers:

But things took a decidedly real turn when they finally met face to face. And her tweets went from whimsical to kind of harsh.

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She eventually calmed down and as they began talking she seemed to realize in her tweets that he was actually kind of interesting.

But when it came time to end the date, the real kicker revealed itself.


Oh boy. This may have been how dates went down in a less PC time, but dude bypassed steps 4 through 9 and went right for the closer.

As you can probably imagine, @priya_ebooks experienced a wide range of emotions after the indecent proposal, none of which had anything to do with the word “yes.”

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