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One of the good things about tragedy is it shows that it’s possible for people to unite as one in a collective effort to rectify the situation at hand. We may be (are) using the word “tragedy” a little bit loosely to describe this particular instance of vandalism, but if you’re from Norway, then this incident very well may strike a chord with you.

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Near the town of Eigersund, Norway, there’s a phallic rock formation known to the people as Trollpikken, which more or less translates to “troll dick.” The rock formation is said to closely resemble an erect penis and surprisingly has served as a popular destination for hikers and climbers.

Heaven is a place on earth….or…it used to be, before someone smashed it 😱

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According to Huffington Post, a runner named Olav Magne Egebakken noticed the troll had lost his mojo and was no longer standing at attention.

“It looks like someone has used a drill on top,” Egebakken said. This is vandalism, there is no doubt.”

#trollpikken er nede, men det loves at den skal komme fort opp igjen! #egersund #norge #norway

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According to police, the vandals responsible for the incident could face up to six years in prison. There are currently no suspects, but authorities are further investigating the matter.

Until then, let’s remember good ol’ troll dick as it once was.

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