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Some things are way too personal to buy used, but you see them for sale on Ebay anyway.

And people buy them. Shoes, electric toothbrush handles, hats, even pants. Here’s a new one that’s hands-down the most unsettling of the bunch: A 25-year-old woman from Surrey, England is selling her used breast implants on Ebay for $500.

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We understand that these things are expensive and 500 bucks is a hell of a bargain, but what could be a more disgusting purchase than something that’s been inside someone’s body?

The woman, known only as Gemma, says she put them up on Ebay as a joke at first.

“I put them on partly as a joke and partly because, as you know, things tend to sell to some weird and wonderful people on eBay,” she told Daily Mail.

Cosmetic surgery insiders that caught wind of the story warn that used implants can pose a serious health risk. You don’t say.

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